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Why Young Living is my dream job

Why Young Living is my dream job



I believe that life should be lived everyday with joy, freedom, & most importantly a schedule that I can choose for myself. 

I want to be able to wake up slow in the mornings, go to a yoga class, go work from a coffee shop, spend time making my (future) home beautiful, cook healthy and delicious meals, have time to travel when I want, and have time to serve others. Overall, I just want to have time to take care of myself the way I need to (helllooo self-care!). 

You might be thinking, "oh what a dream?!"

Young Living's compensation plan makes all of this happen. FOR REAL. This is not a joke. While I may not be where I want to be yet, I have seen many of my friends live in financial freedom, pay off student loans, and even save money to adopt. 

Here are some reasons why Young Living is my dream job:

1. I can work from wherever, whenever I feel like it. Right now, in this season, YL is letting me live in India to volunteer with an NGO that can't pay me. Let's be real, NGO work isn't easy and most of the time you don't get paid. I absolutely love the work I'm doing here. I am helping end slavery and human trafficking in India. YL gives me the chance to work from wherever I am in the world. 

2. I can live in financial freedom. The compensation plan is amazing and easy to achieve (see below)! YL can be my full-time job if I choose, or it can be a means to paying off my student loans, giving generously, and saving for fun future getaways (because travel is important to me). 

3. YL helps me live a healthier life! The essential oils and products are natural, pure, and toxin free. Most products today contain so many ingredients that cause health problems and we are literally unaware of just how bad they are for us. Using these plant-based products are so supportive to living a healthy lifestyle. 

4. If I have kids someday, I can be at home with them. #qualitytime

5. The community/family. I already love my YL teammates so much. They are uplifting, encouraging, in all stages of life, and believe in me. It's amazing to have coworkers who love their jobs and love me!

6. I truly love essential oils. They have helped support my terrible immune system, helped me breathe better with asthma, helped me sleep better, and have helped me stop taking antidepressants by supporting my emotions. 

7. YL gives me freedom to take care of myself. I can have time to exercise when I want, have time to cook healthy meals, and i'm able to take mental health breaks whenever I need them. 

8. I don't have to ask for days off. I can travel when I want. I can visit family whenever I want. I can take a sick day whenever I want. 

9. It only costed $160 to start my business! It's crazy! I spent $160 on essential oils that I would have bought anyway. 

10. I have time to do things I love. I can learn new things, go on trips, hang out with friends, make coffee, spend more time with Jesus, and enjoy time with family without having to rush or worry about time. 

YL is my dream job. If this sounds too good to be true, just shoot me a message and we can get you started on the path to your dream job!  And don't be afraid, you have a whole team behind you!



XO, Lana



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